My Passions

Passions are what make me live
They burn fires within me
That burn all the impossibilities
All the pain and struggle

Passions are the fuels that keep me running
Fighting, surviving

I have a passion that demands me to go everywhere
I have a passion that tells me to learn
I have a passion that tells me to run
I have a passion that tells me to be wise
That tells me to write stories
That tells me to speak up
That tells me to change myself

I have passions that burn within me
I have passions that light up all the stars in my world

I have passions yet to be discovered, yet to be learned,
Yet to be achieved and repeated again

My passions are plenty
My passions are an eternal flame that makes me thrive
That makes me compete and catch up with impossibility

My passions are not to be laughed at
Because they will burn you and eat you whole





My Fears

Are you scared of monsters underneath your bed?
Or the thoughts that turn you into one instead.

Are you afraid of the dark?
Or are you afraid of the darkness within you.

Are you afraid of the monster right before you
Or the monster that is within you

That is within everyone else
The monster that turns this world into hell
And rids all humanity from those rational minds

The monster that destroys you
Eats you whole and alive

The monster that is meant to be killed
That is hated
Is inside every one of us

We are its cage
If we set it free
God forbid, my nightmares will come true.

Monsters are what I fear
Monsters are what I keep inside, caged
Monsters that I blame for all the regretful acts committed
Monsters who turn people into devils.

Humans are feared because of the monsters that dwell in them
That is my greatest fear, the monster within us all.



Seeing myself and experiences

Part I, Experiences

I experienced a lot of things in life.
A lot of things which I regret doing.
A lot of mistakes which I learn from.

Everything that I do makes me who I am.
Everything that I am, is meant to be.

I learn from people
I learn from the monsters that take control
I heal from the sweet words of angels

I realize throughout my life
That hardships make me stronger each day
That sadness makes me feel happiness more and more
That pain sharpens me and makes me shine

I accept pain within my heart
I accept pain conflicted by monsters
By the monsters that teach us not to be like them
For they are victims as well

I experienced a lot of things from life
And experience is the greatest teacher
It is wise yet fair
And it makes you who you are

I sometimes wish professors are like that great teacher
That sees the lacking within all of us
And chooses to nourish us by feeding what we lack

I wish for school to be a place
Where I truly learn my fate
Where I truly become who I am

But it isn’t the schools that makes the best people
It is experience that makes the best out of us
And makes us who we are ought to be
For the sake of the world
For a universal truth




Part II, How I perceive myself to be


I see myself in the mirror
filled with uncertainty and fear

I see myself as a person
with secrets hidden and words left unsaid

I see myself as a monster
filled with mischief and regret

I see myself as a soul
infinite and real

Yet I cannot see myself in the eyes of others
I cannot see who the universe wants me to be

I can only see myself by who I think I am
But not by knowing who I am

I know myself as a girl who doesn’t believe in gender
but who believes that love can happen with anyone

I know myself as a woman
who is fearless and unafraid
Yet I see myself as a child
who is fearful of the dark

I know myself as a wise woman
who reads and understands
Yet I see myself as a girl
who has so much to learn

I know myself to be smart and true
yet I see myself to be a fool

I am lost
Am I who I know?
Or who I see?



My Distractions

I am distracted by you
I am distracted by how the sun shines just for you
How the way you turn my world of black and white to beautiful colors
I am distracted by how you play music with your fingertips
I am distracted by the deepness of your voice
By the smile you give me

I am distracted by you
You give me butterflies
You give me joy
You inspire me
You distract me

The creation of you
Is meant to be a distraction for me

The creation of me
Is meant to be distracted by you

You are a dangerous distraction
Because you’re like a dream
A dream that I will chase endlessly

But just like real dreams that I have in my sleep
You will be forgotten

I am sorry my beautiful dream
I am sorry because I will forget you
For I do not wish to pursue you
Because I am afraid to feel pain

I am afraid to shatter
I am afraid to let you become a nightmare


My Dreams

What a fool I was
to believe that all things were impossible

What a fool I was to believe that my dreams
Cannot be achieved, created, done

What a fool I was to forget what I can do.


Dreams are dreams they say
Dreams are nightmares too

Dreams are what you make them
Dreams are not mere fiction
Dreams are true


I had a dream
That I would live a life filled with adventure

I had a dream that I would be free
I had a dream that life would be oh so beautiful

My dreams of a beautiful life filled with smiles is yet to be true

My dream to be free

My dream to be who I am

My dream to be an adventurer

Is still yet to come true




Strengths and Weaknesses


I am strong, I am beautiful, I am great

I am weak, I am ugly, I am horrid


I am strong, but I have weaknesses

How can I have strength when I am, too, weak?


I am not afraid to show who I am
I don’t change who I am
I’m not afraid of the future
The past can’t control me
People can’t hold me


Yet I am scared sometimes
If I make rash decisions
If I make careless actions
I fear that my life will go down
For having these kinds of strengths

I soon realize that every strength has a consequential weakness

That if you are courageous, you are rash
If you are beautiful, you are vain
If you are smart, you are prideful

There is always the opposite that will always serve as my weakness

There will be times that I will crumble
Yet build myself brick by brick

There will be times when I will cry
Yet wipe the tears and breathe in new life

There will be strengths and weaknesses within me.
That I cannot avoid.
Although what truly matters is not my strengths or my weaknesses
But how I use my weakness to make me stronger.


Likes And Dislikes

I like the way life is filled with such beauty
but I dislike how that beauty is taken for granted

I like the way I feel happiness
but I dislike how it fades so quickly.

I like how I open my eyes to a new day
but I dislike how I have to close them for hours on end.

I like how anything is possible,
yet I truly despise how people say it is impossible for me.

I love how life is filled with ups and downs
How it is filled with pain, sadness, and suffering
just for us to value happiness again.

I like good yet I dislike bad.

But what is good without the bad, and what is bad without the good.

I like the good sides of me, yet I dislike the bad.

I dislike how I am not good enough
For things that I wish to achieve
That dreams that I wish to be real

Yet I like the strength that I have within me
that pushes me to keep on going
and to never give up

I like and dislike me.

I like and dislike life.

I like and dislike love.

There are many things that I like and dislike, but they are all so important for me because








What I believe in….


Is it important to keep your pride and head held high
While trampling and stepping on others?

Is it better to wear clothes of silk and velvet
Than that of clothes woven by love and hardship?

Is it better to love because of what you see
Or to love each other for what meets beyond the eyes?

Is it better to rage through the storms with pride yet no direction?
Is it better to hate than to love those who are yet to be understood?

Is it better to be right than to be wrong?


You grow like a bamboo
You grow higher and higher and you see things new
The wind cannot break you for you bend with it

Like the bamboo, the higher you grow, the lower you bow.
Like the bamboo, the higher you grow, the more you see.
Like the bamboo, the more you understand, the more you grow.

Like the water, you flow through the tiniest of spaces
Like the ocean, a drop of filth cannot soil you
Like the sky, you are unreachable yet beautiful
Like the soil, you are dirty but you bring life.

What is that you see within you that is important?
Is it important to be dirty? Or to bring life and make people grow.
Is it important to be unreachable? Or to be seen and admired by your efforts.
Is it important to be meticulous over something so small? Or is it more important to
let go.
Is it important to be a raging waterfall? Or to be a calm rain that comes before and after a storm.

The values within me is how I perceive the Earth to be.
My value is to be the water that is the light rain that comes before and after the storm.
My value is to let go of all small mistakes because it doesn’t matter in the vastness of my dreams.
My value is to be admired through efforts as I rise to meet the sky.
My value is to bring life and to help people grow despite being trampled on.
My value is to be like the bamboo, like the Earth.




My body

I’m not pretty, I’m far from that.
I’m not thin, sexy, curvy
or all the things that are in those beauty magazines

I’m not an image to be shown in camera
In papers
I’m not to be judged

I’m not meant to be called ugly
Too skinny, too fat, too normal, too weird
I’m not to be measured
I’m not to be looked
I’m not meant to be appreciated or understood

I’m meant to be who I am

I can have these “curves”
I can have these “fats”
These “zits”, “moles”
I can have all of that
And it wouldn’t change who I am
And it wouldn’t matter.

I am more than these words uttered by faceless people
I am more than these numbers, measures

I am a universe, a soul, a being
I am infinite, beautiful, amazing
Simple words cannot define me

I am more than what my body says and shows
I am who I am, a soul with a body

A body that I do not take for a granted
A body that I love and appreciate

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